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Seems rather perfect. From Beliefnet's "What kind of Christian are…

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Seems rather perfect. From Beliefnet's "What kind of Christian are you?" quiz:

Bishop Spong Christian (Biblical Revisionist)

You think the Bible is a powerful metaphorical narrative and believe that Jesus was a heroic figure similar to Gandhi. You believe in God as a loving creator and that She will forgive you for just about anything. You're willing to admit that you don't believe in the resurrection. You go to church for the sense of community and the music and because you like to hector your fellow Christians about their backward ways. You watch "Touched by an Angel" but don't cry (well, OK, except that one time when the boy with leukemia met his real father). You read Toni Morrison, Deepak Chopra, and Bishop Spong, the controversial Episcopalian prelate. You ardently support gay rights and feel guilty that you yourself are not gay. (If you are gay, you're in a loving, committed relationship). You live in a leafy university town, order Chai at Starbucks, wear hand-blocked clothing, and subscribe to The New Yorker. You watch TV so you can talk ironically about how bad TV is. You give to charity, preferring the local homeless shelter to those bureaucratic national charities. For you, the crux of Christianity is Jesus' revolutionary message of empowering "the least of these."

I suppose "Forrest Church Christian" would be even more approriate.
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